A few months ago, a client came to us at BinaryM with a problem: they wanted to be able to view and approve the latest post drafts on their websites without having to access the WordPress backend. I scoured the internet to see if a solution already existed and, surprisingly enough, there was nothing to be found. So I went with the next best idea: build a custom plugin!

The plugin, aptly named Email Post Approval, has multiple customizable features that will let you set it up to fit your use case perfectly:

  • A choice of where the email is sent (defaults to the admin email address)
  • Ability to have approved posts default to an author who isn’t the original writer
  • Email is sent based on post status: draft, future, pending review, private, published
  • Fields included within the email: post title, post author, publish date, categories, tags, post meta, post body

I’m frequently adding new features to the plugin and am actively taking suggestions for what to add. If you have an idea, email me about it.

You can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository or fork it on GitHub.

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