Two weeks ago, a client came to us at BinaryM with a problem: they post a lot of sponsored articles on their website and needed a way to present these articles to their sponsors for review before pushing them live. Up until now, they were setting the post date to a year prior and publishing the post so it wasn’t easily visible on the website. This obviously isn’t the most ideal solution.

There are one or two other plugin solutions for this out there, but the most popular one has you jump to a separate section of the admin panel to manage the shared drafts. This method is unideal.

The plugin I’m releasing today, Share Drafts Publicly, makes it easy to share drafts from right inside the edit post page. After installation and activation of the plugin, a checkbox appears in the Publish box of all posts that are drafts or pending review asking if you want to create a public link for this post. Upon clicking the checkbox and updating the post, you will find a “Public Link” that you can take and share with other people to view the post. This public link appends a secret key that, if missing, will make the post non-viewable unless you are signed in.

You can download the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository or fork it on GitHub.